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Must have hydration products!

Mario Bedascu: Aloe Vera Toner

A must for after cleansing! I hate that tight feeling my face gets after i wash my face, like I need to run to the nearest moisturiser and dunk the whole thing on my head. This toner buys me some time so I can walk calming to moisturiser and apply in a normal fashion. It keeps my skin feeling fresh and helps get any left over cleanser that water didn't get off.

Origins: Drink Up Intensive Over Night Mask

Dry, dull, flakey skin? This over night mask has you covered. Everyone I know who has tried this has fallen involve just like I have. I use this day and night, and when I do my skin is soft and bouncy. In winter or when I travel this is a non conditional in my routine.

Josie Maran: Argan Oil 100%

Mixing it in with moisturising, using it has a serum or putting it in my hair, this is my miracle oil!

I’ve even put a few drops of the milk version in my bath! I got out feel like my skin was already moisturised. (Pretty expensive bath though).

Palmers: Cocoa Butter Moisturiser

I love how thick this feels on my skin, I don't feel like I need to reapply it every hour. My skin feels creamy and flexible, which for someone with eczema is a big deal! No stinging, and it smells nice, without fragrance irritating my skin.

Mecca Cosmetica: Transforming Hand Cream

Want to know what it would feel like to have your hands constantly wrapped in silk? Well, it would feel exactly the same as using this hand cream. It’s non greasy, so I keep one in my car, and my hands don’t slip on the stirring wheel. The other one stays in my hand bag at all times.

And best of all, no irritation!

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