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How to fake a good night sleep

A few quiet drinks at dinner turned into tequila shots at 3am? Here are 5 ways to fake that you were in bed with a tea at 10pm and got a fabulous night sleep!

HYDRATION! Drink water, put on a hydration and

brightening mask before you go to sleep (if you can), and keep a gatorade in the fridge for tomorrow morning.

SHOWER! Even if you feel like those extra 20 minutes of sleep is going to be a better idea, trust me, long run you’re going to need that shower. After you wash your hair and scrub your body, turn the water colder, it will wake you up before you get out.

CAFFEINE! But not in the way you’re thinking. Skin care products with caffeine in them are brightening and depuffy-ing. Your eyes and your complexion will be what gives you away, so dab on some eye cream and prep up!

MAKEUP! I know, obviously right? Focus on making the skin look glowy and hydrated, and the eyes wide and bright. Try Nars “Sheer Glow” foundation, Josie Maran “Argan Illuminator” and any of the Hourglass “Ambient Lighting powders” and natural bronzey shades on the eyes. A bright lip is also a great distraction.

MOVE! If you can, walk to work, or park your car a bit further away and walk the extra bit. Fresh air and getting your body moving will get your blood flowing and your skin will look a lot more alive.

Bonus tip! Fake it till you make it! Convince your self you’re in a great mood, hey at least last night was probably fun! Act like you feel great and eventually you will start believing it…and hopefully your boss will too.

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