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REVIEW: UD- Naked Skin Concealer

URBAN DECAY: Naked Skin Concealer.

The concealer to conceal all of the things at need concealing!

It’s really pigmented but light weight so you get the coverage you need without getting all cakey and creasing under your eyes.

I use a lighter shade “fair neutral” for highlighting under my eyes and down the centre of my face and a slightly darker shade for redness around my face, either “light warm” or “light neutral” depending how pale/yellow I am at the time.

It’s a bit sad that I never need any shade darker than “light something” #palelife). The ONLY negative I have about this concealer is that it does sting bit under my eyes if my eczema is inflamed. For most people that wouldn’t be an issue, but for anyone with inflamed or irritated skin just be aware that it may sting a bit when you first put it on. But for the coverage you get with it and the light formula I’m happy to put up with that every now and again.

Conceal don’t feel ladies!

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